Portrait of an Afro-Soul Singer

One Zambian artist's vision for the African music industry. Natasha Chambwa, a.k.a. Tásh, features in this mini-doc about the trials and tribulations of pursuing life as a career musician in colourful Lusaka, Zambia œ


Produced by Branlin Shockley, this epic documentary follows a small group of adventurists to some of the most dangerous places on earth. Coming to screens in July 2014, this is one you won't want to miss.


"Kafue" is a documentary following the story of a small group of conservationists in Zambia. The problems they face are numerous and seemingly insurmountable - can they protect the future of conservation from the increasing threat of poaching in one of the worlds poorest regions?

City Of Glass

City of Glass are a Canadian duo comprised of Michael Champion and David Phu. Fresh off their European tour, we are pleased to present the video for their upcoming single to be released in early 2014.

Fitness On The Run

In this episode of Fitness on the Run, Natalie Langston takes Vancouver Whitecaps Corey Hertzog, Greg Klazura and Bryce Alderson for some high-flying yoga.

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